Since I have been interested in computers the prospect of having a server to host files and process deep learning programs has always interested me. To start this project I took a retired insurance office server used as a NAS and opened up the internals. The first step was upgrading the DDR2 Ram to something a bit faster. Once we had about 4Gbs of ram, we had to worry about processing and storage. For the memory I made sure to have 4 HDDs of 4TB storage in a RAID 5 setup to ensure that our data is protected from drive failure. Lastly I left the CPU as it was too old to take out without a significant overhaul to the system. In summary, all the hardware worked and didn’t prevent me to get to the BIOS.


- 6 Core, 8 Thread CPU
- 2 x 2 GB 800mHz Memory
- 4TB in Raid 5
- Gigabit network card


I currently use my server as an NAS, SFTP, and SSH server running on 16.04 Ubuntu server. I use a program to route my non static IP to a domain I own in order to access the server remotely from anywhere. I use the server run training sets for my machine learning battle snake written in python. The other main use is to use it as a complete backup for my laptop and PC in case my data is ever compromised. Looking forward to the future uses and applications of this server.